TheFlow Ring

TheFlow Ring

New Maindcare TheFlow RING




Activity and fitness tracking

Converts your body signals and daily habits into actionable insights you can use to stay active and improve your overall health. Measuring heart rate isn’t easy. We need to get as close to your arteries as possible to get the most accurate and unfiltered reading. We measures your signals from your fingers (right next

New Oura Ring Generation 3

to your arteries) where it can get the most accurate read.

Stress Peaks Prediction

When will arrive my next stress peaks? We ‘ll predict it with AI. We track biofeedbacks dynamically for giving you the way to improve your performances. Don’t let stress stop yourself: Maindcare helps you to prevent chronitization of the stress. Nothing can stop being the best of you.

Minimal and Elegant Design

Non-Allergenic, Non-Metallic, Seamless Inner Molding. Width: 7.9mm. Thickness: 2.55mm – Size of a Wedding Band. Weight: 4 to 6 grams (depending on ring size) – lighter than a conventional ring

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